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Sep 18 2018

30 Photos Of Hot Tubs So Awesome They MIGHT Be Time Machines – BroBible

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30 Photos Of Hot Tubs So Awesome They MIGHT Be Time Machines

Hot tubs not only make great time machines, as Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will once again prove, they make for excellent party spots! Everyone is half-naked, the water is warm, the booze is flowing through the veins faster thanks to the increased body temperatures (Thanks science!) and anything is possible inside those four bubble-blowing walls.

In celebration of the release of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 on February 20th, and just because hot tubs rule, we want to see your epic party pics. Submit your best party pics here or tweet the photos using the hashtag #hottubtimemachine2party AND a hashtag with your school name to be entered.

The top three schools from the submissions will be entered for a chance at the grand prize the school will play host to The World’s Largest Hot Tub Party. The winning photo s school will play host to the party and the person who submitted the pic will receive 4 VIP tickets to the blowout. We ll be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most people in a hot tub. This party will not only be huge, it will be a record breaker!

In the meantime, let these classic photos of hot tub parties gone wild serve as inspiration to host the biggest hot tub bash of 2015.

Well that certainly is. orange

When he got out of the water he was suddenly 20 again.

Only thing hotter than the water temperature is his mustache.

On a very special Golden Girls, the girls get an STD.

We hope you get pneumonia.

Party at my place. Dance or hot tub. Your choice. Bring fondue sticks.

We had this movie on VHS.

Johnny Carson. Original Bro.

How can I relax around all these damn plants.

I don t see what the big deal is. I don t feel relaxed at all. AT ALL.

And so began my letter to Penthouse.

Can you see the germs from up there?

There s always that one girl who won t take her pants off in the hot tub.

Do you think the kids hear you scream like a woman, Buzz?

I m submitting this to the yearbook staff.

I m in here ladies. Ladies?

This is Buzz and Betty. Not kidding.

This was probably from a brochure for a swinger s place your aunt liked to visit.

He s bending over to hide his chubby.

That looks dangerous.

I think I see your mom in there.

If you enter the room, and this is the view, RUN!

The gold chain cost almost as much as the hot tub.

Tommy Lasorda in a hot tub is the stuff of nightmares.

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