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May 15 2018

AWAI – American Writers and Artists Inc, i want a job.#I #want #a #job

You Can Make a Very Good Living as a Writer

Learn how to begin writing for money and find freelance writing jobs

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This Week from AWAI

Last Chance! AWAI Exclusive: Ben Settle s 10-Minute Workday

I want a job

Ben has pioneered a revolutionary system that earns him a very attractive income working just 10 minutes a day with zero clients. And you can learn all his secrets. Follow a proven business model that removes the stress of working with clients while giving you more freedom than traditional freelancers have. And right now, you can take advantage of a special savings

Black Friday Sale: $29 Copywriting Test-Drive

I want a job

If you love the idea of living the writer’s life earning a great income wherever in the world you’d like to live and having all the kinds of free time to truly enjoy life

Then you owe it to yourself to look into copywriting right now.

Test-drive our famed The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting a $497 value, for only $29 and see if copywriting is for you.

Meet AWAI Members Living the Writer s Life

I want a job

Retiree Makes MORE in Retirement than in Her Old Job, While Finding Purpose in Writing

I came back from the Web Copywriting Intensive loaded with ideas. I was so fired up and had gained the confidence to reach out to clients. Within a week, I got 2-3 good-paying customers.

I want a job

Atlanta Professional Ditches Heels, Hose For Freedom of Copywriting

I feel like in many ways that I am coming full circle, coming back to the idea and dreams I initially had when I was younger. But now, I am in charge of my own destiny.

I want a job

Wisconsin Engineer Takes 180-Degree Turn into Health Copywriting

Job Fair kickstarted feeling comfortable with, and getting, clients. And with each new client, I have gotten better at networking and positioning myself.

Meet more AWAI members who found the best approach to writing for money

Our Content

I want a job

A Secret Way of Using Holidays to Launch Your Clientless Copywriting Business

November 22, 2017 (06:33:46 am)

You can launch a clientless copywriting business over a holiday weekend, and have huge success with it. Ben Settle walks through the five key steps.

I want a job

Improve Your Writing by Reading the Right Things

April 13, 2015 (06:46:57 am)

Great writers are also great readers. The same is true for copywriters. One way to quickly improve your skills is by reading samples of great copy.

How the Role of an Online Content Writer Has Changed Sort of

November 22, 2017 (08:00:20 am)

Despite changes in how people use the Internet, the role of an online content writer is still to provide content that is easy to find and useful to read.

The 6 Psycho-Traits of the World s Most Successful Clientless Copywriters

November 20, 2017 (06:46:47 am)

You can be a successful copywriter without having any clients. Email marketer Ben Settle outlines the six psychological traits you need to cultivate.

The Six-Figure Copywriter s Slacker Crib Sheet

November 20, 2017 (06:07:46 am)

You can be a successful copywriter working a few minutes a day BUT you have to follow Ben Settle s five-step formula.

Control Your Mind, Control Your Writer s Life

August 10, 2017 (06:50:37 am)

Spend 10 minutes, twice a day, and you ll become a better, more productive, more focused, and more confident writer. And it s as easy as breathing.

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Have a Question?

What’s the best way to make a living as a writer?

A: There are numerous ways to make a good living actually a REALLY good living as a writer. The best path though depends on your financial goals, what you enjoy writing and reading about, and how much you want to work. Read more

How much money can copywriters make?

A: One of the biggest benefits of learning to write copy is that it opens you up to numerous writing opportunities, all of which pay very well. From $300 online content assignments to $1,500 case studies, and $2,000 social media campaigns to $10,000 sales letters, there’s a wide range of fees. And how much you make will depend on which assignments you decide to take on. Read more

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