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May 17 2018

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Best forex robots

Best forex robots


TRADING FRAMEWORK REDFOX V1.1.9 Support Auto trading, Semi-auto Trading, manual trading. Fixed a bug. Improve automatic ordering Improve the panel design. Tens Reasons to Use Red Fox 1. Put your order faster. 2. Easily find order position. 3. You can easily pre-order. 4. Calculates the entry

Best forex robots


TradeType: 0- manual, 1 – semi-automatic , 2- Full Auto SignalType: 0 – Only use stoploss, takeprofit, 1 – Big Tunnel 2 Small Tunall If manual trading, set TradeType:0, SignalType:0. If Manual order and Auto close, set TradeType:1, SignalType:1 or 2 If Auto order and Auto close, set TradeType:2, SignalType:1 or 2

Best forex robots

best stable profit ea, Low MDD.

No martin, eursud 15M, No grid, No scalping strategy, No multi-order. Start Balance : $1,000 Profit total : $386 Period : 2016.1.1

2016.8.31 MDD : 3.7%

Best forex robots

forex Profit Rider v1.1 1H Stable set

No martin, eursud 1H, grid strategy. Start Balance : $1,000 Profit total : $900 Period : 2016.1.1

2016.8.30 MDD : 33%

Best forex robots

forex best Hedge+scalping ea, Return 220% Monthly.

Backtesting result in eursud 1m. Free download. Start Balance : $16,000 Profit total : $189,453 Period : 2016.1.1

2016.8.30 MDD : 30%

Best forex robots

HCscalp.ex4, Return $1000 to $189,000.

Forex scalping ea, Only backtesting, Not test int live or demo. Start Balance : $1,000 Profit total : $189,391 Period : 2016.1.1

Best forex robots

Best free ea 2016, Return 65% Monthly.

Best free ea 2016 Ahsaas Basket Trader Version T3.0 and set files , Backtesting result. Start Balance : $1,000 Profit total : $5,274 Period : 2016.1.1

2016.9.3 MDD : 26.25%

Forex best PAMM accounts in September. offers best PAMM accounts monthly through analysis. Best PAMM A of September. Period: 630 days Follower : 34 people Total Profit : 754.98% Monthly return : 5.40% MDD: 33.74% Best PAMM B of September. Period: 217 days Follower : 9 people Total Profit: 94.30 % Monthly return: 7.39 %

Best forex paid EA Analysis in August.

Best Paid EA Analysis in August. Analyzing the paid robots, Finding a good robot, It is more difficult than development. EA developer is also not easy. Beginners would do? Feel the loss, It will be scam. Although my analysis is not the best, Doing the best, Chose the best paid

Best forex robots

Profit rider gold v1.0 1H set result.

EURUSD, 1H, Default setting. Start Balance : $1,000 Profit total : $805 Period : 2016.5.28

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