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Sep 18 2018

Telephone answer services

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Phone Answering Service

In order to stay competitive and satisfy customer expectations, even small and medium size businesses must provide a 24-hour point of contact. If you are not available, you certainly risk the caller dialing your competitor. Our phone answering service is all about great live customer support so your callers won t even think of calling anyone else.

Have MAP answer your business line(s) all of the time, some of the time, only after-hours, or simply use us for call overflow – the decision is always yours. Our telephone answering service solutions can be customized to meet your specific business requirements by developing a dynamic script whereby your callers believe they are dealing directly with your business. And, unless directed by you, we do not disclose we are just the service like so many of our phone answering service competitors often do.

Live Phone Answering Service Solutions

Your calls are always handled 24 7 by highly-trained live receptionists who are empathetic to your callers needs. Your customers expect a high level of personalization and an accurate response the first time they call. If they can t get that then what s the point? MAP will provide you with this level of competency – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, and then we ll back it up with all the online tools and reporting you ll need to measure what kind of a job we re doing for you! It s simply called peace-of-mind. And no other phone answering service delivers it like this!

MAP Communications is widely known in the phone answering service industry as trusted leader for business communications support. Our clients take comfort as they forward their business calls to our team of friendly, cheerful agents delivering world class customer service.

No two businesses are alike which is why we operate on custom technology and a flexible approach.

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I have been a manager of insourced and outsourced call centers for over 20 years and can easily say that MAP Communications is one of the most professional and reliable call centers I have ever worked with. They deliver quality work at a reasonable price, always on time and exceeding expectations. I have personally visited their call center facilities and sat with their staff on numerous occasions and have been very impressed. Their agents take their jobs seriously and strive to deliver top notch service. I think being an ESOP gives all the employees a real sense of ownership with regards to their delivery of service. I couldn’t be happier with the service I receive from MAP and would recommend them to anyone considering outsourced call center services.

Why Choose MAP?

  • Fastest pick-up times in the industry
  • Professional and courteous receptionists
  • Specialized call screening
  • Emergency response specialists
  • Your own nationwide 800 number
  • Voicemail and IVR services
  • In-house IT Dept
  • Custom account and software design
  • Dynamic online account access
  • Interface with your company website
  • Advanced on-call roster services
  • Online account analytics

Sales: 888-252-6555
Customer Service: 800-627-0114
Career Opportunities: 800-627-0338

Sales: 888-252-6555 || Customer Service: 800-627-0114 || Career Opportunities: 800-627-0338

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888-252-6555 Sales

800-627-0114 Customer Service

800-627-0338 Career Opportunities

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